ARod facing suspension through 2014 if he accepts deal



Baseball’s favorite whipping child Alex Rodriquez is facing a year long suspension if he accepts a deal if not he faces a lifetime ban. Ouch. It’s kind of like saying do you want to get shot in the leg or in the foot either way it hurts, so pick which one you want to be hurt at.
The issue at stake is whether or not baseball has the right to suspend him more than 50 games. He has not fail a drug test, however MLB has already set a standard in the Ryan Braun case, even though it was his offical first offense he was suspended for 65 games even though the agreement with the players union and MLB calls for 50 games. The Union didn’t challange the suspension of Ryan Braun. It seems as if Alex Rodriquez could be fighting his suspension all by himself and his legal team.

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