How can MLB suspend ARod for 150 games if he didn’t fail a drug test ?


Alex Rodriquezespn_g_seligb_600

MLB wants Alex Rodriquez out of Baseball badly. So badly they are making up rules as they go along to get rid of ARod. The Biogensis story is bad enough if this is to be believed on face value. MLB had better be right and have evidence on ARod and Ryan Braun that is undisputable, otherwise this will get ugly and it could result in MLB being sued in return.

The latest update that was thrown around earlier was that MLB will suspend ARod 150 games. Basically doing the Yankees a big favor by getting him out of that huge contract that has close to 100 million left. Except one problem… The CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) calls for a first time offense for 50 games. ARod has never failed a drug test, yes he has admitted to using steroids as a Texas Rangers, yes there are suspicions that he has…

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