MLB considering life ban for A-ROD

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MLB considering life ban for A-ROD

According to sources, major league baseball official may begin to consider a lifetime ban for Yankee’s shortstop, Alex Rodriguez. Rodriguez would join the short list of players to receive this extreme punishment.

Does Alex Rodriguez deserve to be banned from major league baseball? I think would could make a case either way, but I am going to argue the side that yes, Alex Rodriguez should receive a lifetime ban. Here is my reasoning:

First off, it seems like Alex Rodriguez’s name has been brought up in every steroid testing or any type of human grown hormone test since his rookie year. When he tests positive for these steroids, he looks people in the face and denies it. What is that called again? Its called a liar. Its not someone you want on your team or a part of the biggest and most successful organization in baseball.

Secondly, the Yankee’s are…

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