ARod facing suspension through 2014 if he accepts deal



Baseball’s favorite whipping child Alex Rodriquez is facing a year long suspension if he accepts a deal if not he faces a lifetime ban. Ouch. It’s kind of like saying do you want to get shot in the leg or in the foot either way it hurts, so pick which one you want to be hurt at.
The issue at stake is whether or not baseball has the right to suspend him more than 50 games. He has not fail a drug test, however MLB has already set a standard in the Ryan Braun case, even though it was his offical first offense he was suspended for 65 games even though the agreement with the players union and MLB calls for 50 games. The Union didn’t challange the suspension of Ryan Braun. It seems as if Alex Rodriquez could be fighting his suspension all by himself and his legal team.

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MLB May Suspend A-Rod Under Labor Deal

CBS Boston

NEW YORK (AP) — Alex Rodriguez may have to start serving a suspension as soon as it is announced rather than wait for a grievance to play out.

Major League Baseball may try to suspend A-Rod under its collective bargaining agreement instead of its drug rules, which would eliminate any chance of delaying a penalty until after the case goes to an arbitrator, The Associated Press has learned.

Rodriguez has never been disciplined for a drug offense, and a first offender under baseball’s Joint Drug Agreement is entitled to an automatic stay if the players’ association files a grievance — meaning the penalty is put on hold until after an arbitrator rules.

While use of banned performance-enhancing substances falls under the drug agreement, MLB may argue other alleged violations are punishable under the labor contract, a person familiar with management’s deliberations told the AP, speaking on condition of anonymity because…

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What is the CBA and How Can MLB Suspend Alex Rodriguez for Violating It?

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The latest news to emerge in the ‘Biogenesis’ saga is that Major League Baseball (MLB) may seek to suspend Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez for violating the labor agreement rather than for violating the drug policy. The likely reason MLB is moving in this direction is, based on the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between MLB and the MLB Players Association (MLBPA), a player who is suspended under the drug policy may continue playing if the MLBPA files a grievance or appeal on his behalf. If a player is suspended for violating terms of the CBA, he must immediately sit out.

So what exactly does it mean for baseball to suspend Rodriguez under the CBA? What is a CBA? CBA’s are brought up very often in a sports context and usually are not explained in depth (for good reason) on major media platforms. I discussed the NBA’s CBA in a previous…

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Have Questions About MLB’s Possible Suspension Of A-Rod? We Have Answers

CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — It’s been a lot to digest — that’s for sure.

In question-and-answer form, here is a look at the issues and implications of Major League Baseball’s possible suspension of New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez:

Q: What penalties face Alex Rodriguez and why?

A: Rodriguez is among at least a dozen players MLB had been investigating since the Miami New Times published documents in January alleging links between major leagues and Biogenesis of America, a closed anti-aging clinic in Coral Gables accused of distributing banned performance-enhancing drugs. A-Rod faces up to a lifetime ban, with the Yankees expecting him to be accused of recruiting other athletes for the clinic, attempting to obstruct MLB’s investigation, and not being truthful with MLB in the past when he discussed his relationship with Dr. Anthony Galea, who pleaded guilty two years ago to a federal charge of bringing…

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How can MLB suspend ARod for 150 games if he didn’t fail a drug test ?


Alex Rodriquezespn_g_seligb_600

MLB wants Alex Rodriquez out of Baseball badly. So badly they are making up rules as they go along to get rid of ARod. The Biogensis story is bad enough if this is to be believed on face value. MLB had better be right and have evidence on ARod and Ryan Braun that is undisputable, otherwise this will get ugly and it could result in MLB being sued in return.

The latest update that was thrown around earlier was that MLB will suspend ARod 150 games. Basically doing the Yankees a big favor by getting him out of that huge contract that has close to 100 million left. Except one problem… The CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) calls for a first time offense for 50 games. ARod has never failed a drug test, yes he has admitted to using steroids as a Texas Rangers, yes there are suspicions that he has…

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MLB considering life ban for A-ROD

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MLB considering life ban for A-ROD

According to sources, major league baseball official may begin to consider a lifetime ban for Yankee’s shortstop, Alex Rodriguez. Rodriguez would join the short list of players to receive this extreme punishment.

Does Alex Rodriguez deserve to be banned from major league baseball? I think would could make a case either way, but I am going to argue the side that yes, Alex Rodriguez should receive a lifetime ban. Here is my reasoning:

First off, it seems like Alex Rodriguez’s name has been brought up in every steroid testing or any type of human grown hormone test since his rookie year. When he tests positive for these steroids, he looks people in the face and denies it. What is that called again? Its called a liar. Its not someone you want on your team or a part of the biggest and most successful organization in baseball.

Secondly, the Yankee’s are…

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